Ellipsometry based on Millimeter Wave Radar Measurements

Jan Barowski, Ilona Rolfes

IEEE 47th Eu­ropean Micro­wa­ve Con­fe­rence 2017 (EuMC), pp. 934-937, DOI: 10.23919/EuMC.2017.8230999, Nuremberg, Germany, Oct 10-12, 2017


In this contribution, a method for material characterization based on polarimetric measurements is presented. The material under test (MUT) is characterized using two millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar sensors, which are operating from 68 GHz to 93 GHz. The sensors measure the transmission and reflection coefficients at an oblique angle of incidence of the MUT for orthogonal polarizations. The dielectric constant and losses of the MUT are then calculated from the polarimetric transmission and reflection factors.

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